Wahoos Swim Lessons Program

The Wahoos Swim Lessons Program offers swim lessons beginning at age 4 years through 19 years. The goal of the program is to introduce young swimmers to the water, build their confidence, instill water safety and basic survival swim techniques. As they progress through the program they learn the various strokes and techniques culminating in their ability to join the swim team. 

The lessons program is currently offered on Sundays between 1200- 1500 in Mainz Lesson sessions are 25 to 45 minutes and run for eight weeks. 


Please contact our Swim Lessons Manager at [email protected]



Wiesbaden Wahoos Hosts: Spring Swim Clinic

2024 Spring Clinic Hosted by The Wiesbaden Wahoos 

Open to all current competitive team members and pre-team swim lessons members or anyone interested in joining competitive swimming. 

If you have not swam with the Wahoos in the 2023-2024 season, your swimmer MUST be able to complete 50 meters (2 pool lengths) unassisted of freestyle and 50 meters unassisted backstroke, float on their back for 60 seconds unassisted, tread water for 60 seconds unassisted.

Spring Swim Clinic will focus on technique and being more effective in
the water. This could be hand entry, dropped elbow, pulling the water with your forearm,
head position, streamlining of the wall, the rotation of your shoulders, pacing, bilateral
breathing, etc. Regardless of the assigned level, throughout all 10 weeks, the coaches
will have a strong focus on kicking, teaching the importance of building both muscular
and cardiovascular endurance, growing our swimmer’s confidence on the block and with