Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to be a US Military ID cardholder to join the team?

A: No, as a team we have a limited number of spaces available for non-ID card holders. 


Q: What age does a swimmer have to be in order to join the team?

A: All Wahoo swimmers must be 6 to 19 years-old. 


Q: I am new to a swim team. What are the basic skill requirements to join the team?

A: Each ability group has different standards. The most basic requirements are to swim a 50 meter freestyle and 25 meter backstroke. Typically, the requirements for each group advance as the level of swimming advances, to include distance per practice and knowledge of stroke techniques, diving and turns. 


Q: Where does the team practice?

A: We train at two pools, Mainz-Gonsenheim during the week and at Kleinfeldchen in Wiesbaden on Saturdays. 


Q: How long is the swim season?

A: The season runs for roughly 6 months. In August we typically offer a swim camp, as well as Sunday training and stroke clinics. The official season begins around the same time as the start of the DoDEA school calendar (September) and finishes with a Championship meet in February. We also run a non-competitive Spring Swim from March through May for off-season training and for new swimmers. 


Q: Where can I buy swim gear, to include bathing suits? 

A: Decathlon or SMIT Sports are two local sporting good stores. We also recommend using online retailers, such as and .de or Swim Outlet. Our team suit will be selected prior to the beginning of the season. When joining the team more detailed information on the racing suit to be worn at meets will be provided. 


Q: How many practices are there per week?

A: The number of practices depends on your swimmer's ability. The Wahoo Team has swimmers in the pool Monday-Thursday and Saturdays. There are currently five levels of swim groups. The two highest groups practice five days per week, while the next two practice three days a week. The beginning level swimmers will practice two days a week. The number of practices your swimmer can attend are open to discussion with the coach.  


Q: What are the transportation options for getting my swimmer(s) to the pool?

A: Many families set up carpooling to help get swimmers to and from practice. The team will help to support and connect families as carpooling needs arise. The team also attempts to provide a bus that leaves from the Hainerberg Lodge for weekday practices. The ability to provide a bus (at extra cost) depends on the number of families interested. The cost of the bus is determined by the number of the riders. The more swimmers riding the bus, the cheaper the cost. There is no bus provided on Saturdays. 


Q: How much does the team travel during the competitive season?

A: Traveling to meets is optional, but a great excuse to see Europe! We host two local meets each season and attend meets as a team at Ramstein Air Base or Stuttgart. Our team chooses to travel to other locations each season, based on previous seasons travel. Examples of locations the team has traveled to are: Vicenza/Aviano (near Venice), Naples and Sigonella, Italy; Rota, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Brussels, Belgium, and RAF Lakenheath, UK (to name a few)!


Q: How many meets am I required to attend each season?

A: As noted above, meets are optional, but we encourage all swimmers to participate in three to four meets each season. This can easily be accomplished through attending our teams two local meets, as well as the KMC area meets.


Q: How much does it cost to join the team?

A: Prior to officially joining the team we welcome all swimmers to give the Wahoos a try for one week, free of cost. We have a non-refundable registration cost that covers the team's administration costs, insurance and includes a t-shirt and team swim caps for each swimmer. Cost varies depending on your swimmer's ability group. During the 2022-2023 swim season the registration was 125€. 


Q: What are the volunteer requirements for parents?

A: Each family is required to volunteer 40 hours to support the team. Volunteer hours need to be recorded in VMIS. Volunteer hours can be earned in a variety of ways to include helping to support the team through fundraising, helping to plan social events, working at home and away meets or to coordinate the end of the year banquet. The team supports all families and will help each family to accomplish the 40 hours.  


Q: How big is the team and how competitive is it?

A: The team is coming out of the "Covid Years" and continuing to grow. We have gone from 40 swimmers in 2021-2022 to 65 during the 2022-2023 season. We welcome all swimming abilities to include beginning swimmers to AAA time swimmers. 


Q: Do you offer swim lessons?

A: Yes, we do offer lessons for children. Please contact our Vice President at [email protected] or check out the information on our website. 


Q: I just moved to the area. Do you offer any summer swim programs?

A: We will have a swim camp in August (more details will be posted on the website). We also offer Sunday drop-in swim for experienced swimmers. This is a great way to meet some of the team before the season starts. Please contact our VP at [email protected] for more information, such as times and dates. 


Q: How do I try-out for the team?

A: Details will be posted on the website about try-outs (new swimmers to the team) and evaluations (returning swimmers) for the 2023-2024 season. If you have more specific questions email the registrar at [email protected].


Q: I want to be more involved. What can I do to help?

A: Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected].