The objective of the team is to promote the enjoyment of competitive swimming, physical fitness, sportsmanship, character, and encourage friendship among those that choose to join. Our team is part of the European Forces Swim League. We are in the Rhineland Division. The EFSL is the governing body of the U.S. and Allied Armed Forces community-sponsored swim teams.

Who Can Join:

All Children ages 6-19 who meet the membership requirements as outlined in the EFSL bylaws are eligible to be evaulated for the team

How to Join: 

Contact our registrar, [email protected]. The team's coaching staff will coordinate an evaluation time. Each new swimmer's abilities must be evaluated to ensure they meet minimum qualification standards. Due to limitations in pool time, lane access and coaching staff team membership may be restricted, in order to provide safe and quality coaching to all swimmers.

EFSL Registration: please 'click' on the blue registration link to fill out your family's registration for the 2023-2024 season. 


Swimmers are highly encouraged to swim a minium of four (4) meets this typically includes two (2) home meets, two (2) away meets , and Divisionals. Families and swimmers are highly encouraged to notify coaching staff if the swimmer will be swimming in the upcoming meet. This is important in placing and registering swimmers for their events and scheduling a meet. Typically, meet registration announcements are emailed to swim families two (2) weeks prior to a scheduled meet. As this is a parent-led, non-profit organization, we run largely on volunteers, each family is required 40 hours of volunteering each season. Each family is held to the code of conduct signed within the registration process.

Early Withdrawl from the Season:

We understand that things happen, a swimmer may decide that swimming is not for them. If after three weeks participation a swimmer decides to not be part of the team, their dues will be refunded to them. Registration fees are non-refundable. Should a family PCS/ETS, have significant life or medical events, please bring these issues before the Wiesbaden Parent's Swim Association Exectutive Board for special consideration. 

Varsity Lettering:

We offer opportunities to earn a Varsity Letter in the Fall and Winter, however, the swimmer may not swim in a competitive status to earn varsity letter points if they are in another DoDEA competitive sport. Swimmers are welcome to practice with the team whenever they are able, once their sport is complete they then return to competitive status with the team. During this time, should a swimmer wish to compete in a meet, they will enter their information as normal, but be placed in exhibition status, and will not earn points for the team.